Mobie advertising network MobileAds

MobileAds is a mobile advertising network intended for fast and simple placement of advertisements on mobile Internet websites with an opportunity of targeting at coutries and mobile operators. The service will be interesting for advertisers, owners of mobile sites, advertising agencies.

Only the best moderated mobile Internet platforms are included in the network. Today MobileAds is one of the largest advertising networks of CIS countries as well as the most profitable and convenient way of earning from ad sales in mobinet.



BrodiMobi is a non-trivial quest game captivating by an unusual set of themes and variety of questions. A player will be interested in showing his knowledge as all the riddles and tasks are absolutely different and do not burden with monotony.

The main point of the game is blind movement through theme rooms of a maze. Making each next choice and answering the question a player is not aware which room will be the next. In any room there will be a new choice and a new question. But it will not be easy to make the right choice since treacherous traps are set throughout the game.


3D Technology

A revolutionary technology of creation of 3D mobile game projects on the basis of which the game trilogy about the World War II is being created. The evidence proving success of the given technology is the fact that the first part of the triology ("Bunker 3D") has been staying in TOP 10 rate of the best games from the leading CIS content providers. It is the first time on the CIS mobile game market that a game project has been staying in TOP 10 for such a long time. project is a video community where users can register, watch and publish video materials as well as display online activity (vote, post comments etc.). Mobile version of the website ( allows watching video content on mobile devices. In the nearest months functionality available for mobile users will be much extended.

Video communication

For the first time in Ukraine you will get a unique opportunity to see your interlocutor due to an innovative Video call service in the Utel network. Video information sharing and real-time communication at a cost of a voice call is a convenient way of communication with relatives, friends and colleagues as it's better to see ones than hear for 100 times!

Mobile mail from MTS

Mobile mail from MTS allows getting access to all free-email services (ex. Gmail, MailRu, UkrNet and other) as well as sending emails right from mobile devices!

Unique service capabilities:
1. Reading emails from freemail-servers right from mobile phones.
2. Sending emails from your email address.
3. Set/remove SMS or MMS notifications when receiving new emails.
4. Download applications on the terminal from WAP.
5. Set of the period of new mail check and sending of notifications.
6. Downloading attachments to emails*:
- MS Excel, Power Point documents;
- video and audio files (wav, mp3, mp4, 3gp, asf, wmv and other);
7. Viewing attachments*:
- MS Word, Acrobat Reader documents;
- image files with popular extensions: jpg, jpeg, bmp, wbmp, gif, tiff, ai and other).


Omnius service:
• Home security trends toward centralized
digital video surveillance systems
• Instant real time video
• Mobile access
• Remote service
• Easy to use
• Secured archive and access details
• Low cost of ownership



UKRSHOP.COM is the first shop which organzed sales for mobile devices omitting a boring procedure of purchase oder via SMS. Now you don't have to remember oparators' codes or type long IDs to renew your phone's appearance or buy a new game. Just look through UKRSHOP.COM. catalogue, click on the item you'd like to buy and pay with any e-money. The product will be delivered right to your phone! You can indicate any number as a receiver of the content. And the most important is that owing to such sales scheme you can save 50% unlike SMS order scheme!

The Mobile Monday Ukraine events are organized due to the support of
QArea company and outsourcing software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab