What is Mobile Monday?

Mobile Monday is an open mobile community of mobile industry professionals maintaining and developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the mobile area through meetings which are held on regular basis every month for informal interaction, share of ideas and experience of mobile market representatives and virtual networking via the community of Mobile Monday Websites and newsletters.

Mobile Monday Ukraine is aimed at establishing strong connection between Ukrainian and foreign companies engaged in the mobile business, building community which will develop and promote innovations in mobile industry, overviewing the latest and the hottest trends in the mobile world, contributing to the education of the general audience through Mobile Monday publications, online presence and media partnership. The primary language of Mobile Monday Ukraine meetings is English which gives an opportunity to broaden the audience and invite foreign speakers who are able to share their international experience and contribute to the development of the Ukrainian telecommunication market.

The events are available due to the sponsorship of forward-looking companies that understand and appreciate the power of mobile innovations and individual inspiration.

We are happy to invite your company to be a sponsor of Mobile Monday Ukraine and help us in organizing our events and promote your business through the largest mobile global community in the world.

In order to visit the next Mobile Monday event, register here and join global Mobile Monday community!

Our 10 “MoMo house rules” (inspired by MobileMonday Shanghai):

1. Friends, family and pets not allowed. This is not a social gathering.
2. Alcohol is limited, please drink moderately. Besides, don't forget that your future clients may share your table. :)
3. Please try to avoid smoking. Smoking kills.
4. Dull presentations kill faster than smoking.
5. Silence is golden, except for the speakers. Please give them a chance to talk.
6. Don’t register if you know you won’t come or you are only 10% sure. The seats are limited so someone else might be rejected because of you.
7. If you meet our sponsors and organizers, don't forget to thank them. The event happens due to their support!
8. Carry enough business cards, you never know who you will meet.
9. Who knows, you might be our next speaker – suggest your speech and we'll fit it into one of next topics.
10. Remember, now you are the part of the largest world community in the telecom market! :)

P.S. Observance of these rules is obligatory.

MobileMonday Ukraine Team

The Mobile Monday Ukraine events are organized due to the support of
QArea company and outsourcing software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab