Mobile Content Networks Acquires Caboodle Networks

Will Add Powerful Semantic Web Recommendation Engine to its™ Federated Search Management Platform

Mountain View, CA—September 5, 2007 – Mobile Content Networks Inc. (MCN), a leading global provider of mobile search solutions, today announced the acquisition of the assets of Caboodle Networks Inc., the pioneering developer of the world’s first multimedia, multi-service semantic recommendation platform. Terms of the agreement between the two privately held firms were not disclosed.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, Caboodle Networks’ patent-pending technology provides mobile users with highly intelligent recommendations based on the user’s context and interconnected categorized resources in order to enhance usability and return more relevant results. Caboodle’s open source semantic web search platform has been downloaded and used by hundreds of customers worldwide, including many leading mobile network operators.

“We are committed to taking mobile search to the next level for mobile network operators and content providers by providing context-based recommendations that will increase user satisfaction while providing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for our customers,” said Marc Bookman, CEO of MCN. “The Wireless Web is uniquely suited to understanding and adapting to a mobile user’s context as well as the relationships of data within any category of services that a mobile network operator provides. With the addition of semantic recommendations we will make it even more effective for mobile users and operators alike.”

According to MCN CTO Phyllis Reuther, “Applying the power of Caboodle Networks’ semantic web innovations, the open source Jena architecture, and community supported OWL-encoded taxonomies to MCN’s federated search and ad management platform further distinguishes MCN from legacy indexed search solutions and standalone mobile advertising vendors. With this acquisition we will continue to drive innovations that deliver both popular current content and “longtail” search results in 2-3 clicks, in virtually any language or category, across all networks and mobile devices.”

MCN’s Bookman concluded, “Caboodle Networks’ solution has been used and tested by international mobile operators and developers, which indicates the strong degree of interest in this approach to user recommendations. We look forward to delivering this capability, fully integrated with our platform, to our customers beginning in Q4 2007.”

About the Semantic Web

The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. It is a collaborative effort led by W3C with participation from a large number of researchers and industrial partners. It is based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF), which integrates a variety of applications using XML for syntax and URIs for naming.

About Mobile Content Networks (MCN)

Founded in Palo Alto in 2004 after years of research into the unique characteristics of mobile search, MCN is the leading provider of real-time mobile search services that support wireless operators and content providers worldwide. MCN’s patent-pending federated search management platform,, is an agile, scalable, and global search management solution that allows its partners in Asia and Europe to actively manage profitable mobile search services that provide users with relevant results in 2-3 clicks across numerous channels of mobile-ready content. supports virtually all content sources, all languages, and any type of mobile client software. MCN has offices in Silicon Valley, Japan, Thailand and Finland. For more information, please visit


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