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Dear authors, publishers and editors! You are welcome to send us your press-releases for the news section of our website If you wish a guaranteed publication of your article on Mobile Monday Ukraine website, please, make sure it meets the following demands:

  1. The topic of your article must be connected with mobile industry, IT, technological progress or telecommunications.
  2. Your articles must be written in English and/or in Russian.
    NB! If your article is written only in one language, it will be placed only on the corresponding pages of our website (Russian or English).
  3. Your text must contain headline, summary and main body.
  4. The article can be sent either in .DOC or .HTML format.
  5. Illustrations must be sent separately from a text file and must have a resolution of not less than 300 dpi.
  6. Illustrations must be sent in .JPEG format for photos and in .GIF or .JPEG format for other images.
  7. Your text must not exceed 1500 characters.
  8. Reference to the primary source or author’s name is necessary.
  9. All abbreviations must be made according to the international SI system.
  10. Your application will be reviewed within 7 calendar days.
  11. NB! We leave the right to refuse to publish your information, to make corrections, shorten your text in case it exceeds the maximum length, has misprints, mistakes, incorrect information or obscene language.

Please, send your press-releases or questions as for the listed demands to your materials to

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