«I frequently visit international telcom events. What I find unique about Mobile Monday community is that it targets the right audience with the right topics and therefore encourages interaction in the most informal environment. Such focus groups are rare to find in a business which is characterised by its diversity and reach. Mobile Monday is simply the telecoms' open source community! Recently I participated at MoMo in Ukraine that brought together an impressive 100+ telecom experts. Well done and keep up the good work!»

Sirous Kavehercy, Market Development Director, Acision

«Mobile Monday is a great event in telecom world and I am happy that it finally came to Ukraine. The event gives us a unique opportunity to meet our telecom colleagues from operators, vendors, content providers, SW developpers and to discuss the hot topics and news of the telecom business. I believe such communication will help us to network better and to provide the best, the most innovative and fresh services to our customers.»

Olga Tseyukova, Deputy Manager of PLC Division/ Finance, Astelit life :)

«MoMo Ukraine events aroused great interest among all the companies related to technologies and services for GSM network users. The topics claimed, as a rule, take into account the necessity of the market in “live and fresh” information. In this respect the voting for the event topics on the website is very effective. I think that it's high time to organize sms-voting. :)

Of course, the conferences with operators as the leading mobile market players arouse the greatest interest. I think that if the operators were offered to present all their new trends at MoMo events, it would guarantee stable success of each conference.:)

No doubt, MoMo also promotes offline meetings with the market players which helps to establish and develop mutually beneficial cooperation in mobile technologies area. Networking after the conference in a relaxed atmosphere sometimes helps to solve some questions much faster and more effective than weeks of e-mailing.

In general, I think, the main aim put by the organizers - share of experience and ideas, official announcements and informal communication - is being achieved and we are grateful for that.»

Olga Kurylko, Managing Director, i-Free Ukraine

«I think that Mobile Monday is a great thing and great event, is the best way to keep in contact with the most influential and opinion leaders in the industry. I would recommend to everyone who wants to stay on the edge and feel the future.»

Gian Luca Cioletti, Head of Business Development of Forum Nokia

«For Ukraine MoMo has become an important connecting link that was so necessary for the Ukrainian mobile communications market in order to unite all the market participants in one community. MoMo events represent an informal platform for communication between the market representatives which is useful for both leading industry companies and start-ups.»

Roman Savvin, Head of Content Development Unit, Kyivstar

«I got a very favorable impression of the professionalism of the Ukrainian Mobile Monday organization and the level of interest and activity of the Ukrainian developer community.»

Jonas Kronlund, Elisa Corporation

«Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar, the largest in the country by the number of subscribers, decided to change its strategy on WAP-services market. This information was provided to the participants of Mobile Monday event in Kiev "The development of VAS market in Ukraine based on international experience", which took place on January 22, 2007, by Roman Savvin, Head of m-Commerce and mobile content development of Kyivstar.»


«Market share of VAS-services in Ukraine increased in 2006 by 40 % as compared to 2005 till 450 mln USD. This data was provided by Aleksey Danilin, Senior Analyst of consulting agency iKS-Consulting, during the conference "The development of VAS market in Ukraine based on international experience".»


«Events in Kiev prove that Mobile Monday is a meeting spot for start-ups and experienced mobile and IT companies with their colleagues, potential investors, mass media and just interesting people. The main idea of all Mobile Mondays – you are not born an entrepreneur, you become one. And first of all it is necessary to give start-ups an opportunity to communicate, share ideas, skills and look for possible sources for financing of their projects.»

Internet portal Innopolis

«I enjoyed the MobileMonday event very much. The attendants represented a wide field of expertise and the discussions later on were most refreshing.»

Olli-Pekka Lintula, Director, Strategic Marketing, Nokia

«There are 2 mobile industry events in 2006 that can’t be missed: 3GSM World in Barcelona and the MobileMonday Global Summit in Helsinki.»

Claude Florin, Senior Director, Entertainment and Media, HP

«Tokyo's best and brightest mobile insiders gathered for Mobile Monday <…> Co-sponsored by the Mobile Intelligence Japan and Hewlett-Packard Bazaar, MoMo is a monthly networking event designed to... well, to get everyone together! Folks were there from carriers, handset makers, technology vendors, application developers, and content providers on both the foreign and Japanese side. We spoke with knowledgeable insiders on mobile games, music, and video, and today's proggy brings you the highlights.»

Wireless Watch Japan

«On September 25 Ukraine experienced the first event under the brand Mobile Monday, which is a large international business community represented in about 20 countries worldwide. Mobile Monday Ukraine meetings are designed to regularly gather the representatives of IT, mobile and telecommunication companies. It will enable the community members not only to significantly broaden their contact network but also share experience in order to develop this market segment together. <...> The first Mobile Monday meeting proved to be an interesting and useful for the development of the native IT market event»

eMobile Magazine

«Each of the participants of the current meeting (Mobile Monday) expressed their vision of the situation in Ukraine and shared information about the main trends of mobile industry in their country. In general, the plans are very ambitious: mobile business is profitable in our country and none of its participants is going to draw back. The paramount step will be the launch of 3G network and extension of mobile network coverage to those rare areas of the country where it still doesn’t exist.»

Mabila Magazine

«Among the representatives of Ukraine there is an obvious division into those who are interested in cooperation with foreign companies and those who work only in the Ukrainian market. The first ones are more open for making new contacts and are always eager to participate in exhibitions and conferences while the latter ones already know the people they want to know which is why they consider Mobile Monday rather a place to meet their friends and colleagues.»

Internet portal Innopolis

«The conference is really forward-looking and it is obvious because there is a stable ground for forming the community. But we shouldn’t forget that success depends not only on the organizers but also on how well the community is formed. I think that MoMo has a chance to achieve this success.»

Internet portal Innopolis

The Mobile Monday Ukraine events are organized due to the support of
QArea company and outsourcing software testing company BugHuntress QA Lab